Lesson 2.2 Activity

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Search Tips:

  • Sometimes search results offer information that suggests a better or additional search.
  • Use [define] in the search box to identify the meaning of words.
1. You are a cosmetologist and business owner, and have been asked by a few clients if you are going to offer those fish that clean people's feet. To learn more, you search for [fish clean feet].

search results for [fish clean feet]

Do these results look helpful for making business decisions?

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2. You modify your search to give you more precise information. What are some more business-oriented terms suggested by these results?

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3. While you are researching more about fish pedicures and doctor fish (which go by the scientific name of Garra rufa), you discover that the Centers for Disease Control says "Garra rufa are native to the Middle East, where they have been used as a medical treatment for individuals with skin diseases, like psoriasis." You want to know what psoriasis is. What would your search look like?