Lesson 2.3 Activity

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Search Tips:

  • Use image search when it appears in search results, and use related image search to refine results.
  • Refine results by using different media types like videos and news; these filters appear at the top (in the tabs) of the search results page.
  • Google’s left menu does not appear on tablet computers (iPads, Android tablets).

1. Your friend was telling you about this new term for a kind of urban protest graffiti called "Yarnbombing". Despite the name, the friend said it is a completely light-hearted, non-violent art form, but you do not understand what it is.

What is the most efficient way to find recent News articles about yarnbombing?

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2. You would like to try yarnbombing, but you need some advice about how to do it well. Unfortunately, when you try following instructions you read online, it never quite works right. You want to see someone doing it, and in some detail--at least a good five minutes of instructions. What media do you use?

3. Now that you’ve read an article or two about yarnbombing, you want to see some pictures of it. Go to Google Images and look up [yarnbombing]. Note that sometimes people will spell things in slightly different forms. For instance, can you find the yarn-bombing of the dinosaur at the Google campus? (Really!)