Lesson 1.5 Activity

Search Tips:

  • In the last video you learned to identify the factors that have an effect on search queries.

  • Word order matters.

  • Small words (a, the) sometimes matter, like when they distinguish between two similar entities.

  • Punctuation that matters: $, #, and + (when used as C++, Google+)

  • Punctuation that Google ignores: ¶, £, €, ©, ®, ÷, §, %, (), @, ?, !

Here are the results for two searches, [cars] on the left, and [the cars] on the right. Are the results the same or different?

search results for [cars] and [the cars]

1 point
Open two new tabs with Google search in each, so you can compare the following searches. If the results are different check the box.