Lesson 1.2 Activity

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Search Tips:

  • In the last video, you learned how to use color filtering within image search to narrow your image results to images made up primarily of a certain color. You do this by clicking on the color filter that appears after you bring up the Color filter, under "More."
  • Please note that you can’t filter by color on iPad or Android tablets, but you can answer the questions below as if you were using a laptop or desktop computer.

You want to re-read an introductory accounting textbook from school, but you cannot remember the exact title. You recall that the cover is yellow and has puzzle pieces on it. In the image above, where would you click to filter the results in order to locate the book?

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2. You want statistics on college loans. If you search using [college loans statistics], you get the image results above. What image type would you click to see charts and graphs that change as you look at them?

3. What is something you have wanted to find that color (or image type) filtering might have helped you locate faster? Try it out and share your story in the forum.