Lesson 1.4 Activity

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Search Tips:

  • In the last video you learned how to select effective keywords. Remember to think about the words you think will be in your desired results page.

  • Determine the most important words in your search as well as potential synonyms.

You received this letter from a friend.

You received this letter from your friend, who is a chef and food blogger.

Hi, I wanted to write about this really yummy French sandwich with tuna and peppers and anchovies called a Pom Banyon, or something like that. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it is called. I spent half an hour last night typing every possible spelling I could think of into Google, but could not find it. What do I do now?

Thank you,

Given what you know about this problem, what query would you use to solve it?

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Can you find the name of the sandwich in the results below?

What's the name of the sandwich?