Lesson 4.2 Activity

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Search Tips:

  • Find facts quickly with shortcuts (search features).
  • Google search features include weather, time, flight numbers, earthquakes, world capitals, sunrise/sunset times, movies, stock quotes, sports scores, package tracking numbers, medical conditions, and medications. Check out the full list of search features.
Your boss is on her way to Bangalore, flying via London on American Flight 6187. She broke her shoe as she was boarding and called you to arrange for new replacement shoes as soon as she lands at Heathrow airport. She heard it is monsoon season in India, so she also wants you to check the weather there.

1. What is the weather in Bangalore right now: clear, raining, cloudy?

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2. What time is American Flight 6187 scheduled to arrive in London today?

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3. What time is it now in London?

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4. Also, your boss forgot her bottle of dimenhydrinate pills but she found a bottle of Dramamine for sale in the airport. She wants to know if she can take the Dramamine instead. Are the two medicines equivalent?