Lesson 4.4 Activity

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Search Tips:

  • Limit results to sources published during a specific time period by clicking on Search Tools in the left panel, then selecting the appropriate time range.
  • Time filters are available in Web Search, Books, Images, News, Videos, and Patents.
  • This feature is not available on tablet browsers.

Try this activity to test your ability to restrict time of document publication.

Can you find out which famous architect gave a TED talk in 1990?

1. Which of the architects listed below gave a TED talk back then? Try searching for [TED talks architect] and use time filtering.

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2. Which of these books was published on the Krakatoa volcano during the 1880s?

3. What has been posted to the web about Krakatoa in the past week? Try doing a search, but using the time-restriction filter to look at news results from just the last week. Check it out before proceeding to the next lesson.