Lesson 4.5 Activity

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Search Tips:

  • Translate words, sentences, and pages by using translate.google.com.
  • You can search in other languages (and regions of the world) by using the Advanced Search panel.

1. Using what you now know, please find the answer this question: Apa warna pada bendera Indonesia?

2. Golfcross is a game that was invented in New Zealand. Players try to hit an oval golf ball into a net. Is this game played outside of New Zealand? Try searching for [golfcross] with Translated foreign pages and find out! Try clicking on different languages from among the 40+ available and see what you find.

If you are not interested in golfcross, search for a topic of personal interest to you and examine perspectives in other languages. Examples may be sports, keeping healthy, or travel. Share what you find in the Unit 4 Forum