Lesson 6.1 Activity

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Search Tips:

  • Combine operators for stronger searches.
  • Operators can be placed anywhere in the query without affecting the results. For example: [black cats site:com] is equivalent to [site:com black cats].

1. Which of these searches shows an effective use of multiple operators?

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2. You work for an environmental services company. NASA’s website indicates that the agency is a model of sustainability. You want to get a better notion of what others think about their environmental management. You decide to look at what other government (.gov) or military (.mil) organizations have to say about NASA’s programs. You do not want to see results from NASA.gov itself.

You know that you want the following elements in your search: [nasa environmental management OR policy]; .mil sites; .gov sites; but NOT anything from NASA.gov. Go to a new tab and search for this information in Google.

Did your search match any of the following? Which will work best?